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shopping with kids is so hard. Is it even worth it?

Shopping with Kids Is Impossible!

Back in the day, pre-baby, my girlfriend and I used to have a few glasses of wine and go to Forever 21 for some buzzed shopping at its best. We love the store’s cute clothes and reasonable prices, but sipping and shopping was the only way we could handle the super loud music, high school girls […]

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When Mama Is Sick

It’s still that time of year when viruses and the flu are floating around like dandelions in a Midwest state breeze. Everyone’s child is sick or getting sick or getting over being sick, so it’s only a matter of time before it hits the rest of the family. When mama gets sick, though, she doesn’t […]

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Ode to Sleep

RIP, Sleep! We had a good run, but ever since my son made his epic appearance into the world, I feel like sleep and I have gone through a messy divorce of some sorts. And so my Ode to Sleep was created:   Will I ever sleep again? Will I forever be watching Big Ben? […]

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Mama Drama

Lately there has been some immature Mama Drama happening among my group of mama friends. Sadly, it all started on a social media parenting app, and it got me thinking a lot about how to handle things such as this. The long and the short of it is- there will always be some type of […]

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Teaching Kindness

Teaching kindness is not difficult, in fact, it can be quite simple. All you need to do is model kindness and praise your child when they are kind. Simple everyday moments present the opportunity to be kind.  It will just take some work on your part to verbally acknowledge the behavior when you see it. […]

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