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organization transforms children's learning experience

How Classroom Organization Transformed Children’s Learning Experience (and How to Do It at Home)

In 1981, the San Francisco Day School opened its doors to 400 elementary and middle-school aged students throughout the Bay Area. Though campus additions, emerging technology, and enrichment programs brought changes to the school over the past three decades, by the end of 2016, the organization in the school’s classrooms became outdated and insufficient. Lack […]

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Size Does Matter, But Sometimes Smaller is Better

There are so many benefits to living in San Francisco, but residing in small spaces that cost a lot of money is not one of them. A common topic of conversation with our family and friends who don’t live in the Bay Area (we’re transplants) is how big of a house we could get somewhere […]

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A San Francisco Mom’s Lack-of-Space Hacks

If you have lived in San Francisco with one or more children, then you know the number one issue is space…or, rather, the lack thereof. Unless you are a millionaire, you most likely are living in tight quarters and running into challenges when it comes to space for you and your kids. Closets just for […]

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Hey, Busy Moms, Meet Your New Fairy Godmother!

*This post is sponsored – but the thoughts and feelings are our own, and we only work with businesses we believe to be reputable and resourceful to our readers. Not long ago, I found myself admonishing my kids for dumping out a giant container of blocks, immediately growing bored and walking away to wreak havoc […]

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Portrait of smiling woman laying on sofa with remote control

10 Signs I am Human

In a world where everyone’s striving to be perfect all the time, I’ve decided to embrace my flaws. Here are 10 things I do on a regular basis that are definitely not something to brag about, but are part of what makes me, well, happy… 1) Sometimes on my days off, I take the kids […]

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Anna and Becky during construction

What to Expect When You’re Remodeling

Affording a condo or house is no small feat anywhere in the country, but particularly in the Bay Area. More often than not, the place in your price range will need some work. This happened to my husband and me almost three years ago. With our second child on the way, we wanted to move […]

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