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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Amazon

The convenience of shopping on Amazon is undeniable, but sometimes they make it a little too easy. Here are ten signs that you may be addicted to Amazon. Take solace in knowing you’re definitely not alone! When you can’t even remember what’s in the box when it arrives When the kids’ favorite game is to […]

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Scary Mommy Moments

When you realize you sound like your mother. When the reality of the positive pregnancy test actually sets in. The drive home from the hospital with your newborn…. now what??? The moment you have to give up your comfy mesh panties and start wearing normal ones. Pulling a shirt over your newborn’s wobbly head for […]

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Mother holding up daughter on a beach with Golden Gate Bridge in the background

11 Signs You’re a San Francisco Mom

Moms living in San Francisco come in all shapes and sizes but raising kids here does give us a few things in common. Here are 11 signs you’re a San Francisco Mom. You’ve been asked 7,000 times if you’ve joined Golden Gate Mothers Group. You’ve considered buying a tether to connect yourself to your stroller […]

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Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re the Second Kid

 You can sleep ANYWHERE and through ANYTHING.  Your older sibling just got an instrument set, no problem.  You are used to them running around the house screaming while you peacefully nap anyway.  Need to nap at a soccer game, in the car, or during swimming lessons, (yup, you’ve been splashed while sleeping) no big deal. […]

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Boy (6-7) shouting through paper megaphone

Quiz :: How Loud is Your Kid?

All kids are loud, but some of them are really loud — actually, too loud. I have one of those kids, and I have another one who falls under the normal-loud volume level. I also come from an above-average-volumed family, so I consider myself an expert on the nuances of the loud talker. If you’re […]

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USA, California, Ladera Ranch, Laundry hanging on clothesline against blue sky

Quiz :: What Your Laundry Style Says About You

Summertime makes me think of sunscreen-scented clothing, sandy beach towels and laundry, lots and lots of laundry. The loads seem to increase exponentially, as do the stained clothes. Grass, dirt and popsicle stains are all signs of a good summer, but how you handle them shows more than what kind of laundress you are. Take […]

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Worried woman using a laptop in the kitchen

7 Social Media Sins That Will Get You Unfollowed

Dear Active Mom on Social Media, We may live in the social media capital of the world, surrounded by giants like Facebook and countless startups, but that doesn’t mean we always use their apps the right way. We, your friends — both the real ones and the only-on-Facebook ones, both the parents and the non-parents […]

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Portrait of Four Young Mothers with Their Babies

Bay Area Mom Seeking BFF: Humor is A Must!

Moving to the Bay Area has been a very socially humbling experience. I always thought I was good at making friends, but it turns out I’ve relied heavily on my husband’s easygoing nature and the built-in friends that came with medical school and residency. The truth is that I am actually pretty shy and more […]

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Struggling Nanny

Department of Education Introduces New Sex Ed Program

The Department of Education is set to announce a controversial new sex ed program that it will introduce into its High School Common Core curriculum beginning in the next school year. The new program, titled Scared Sterile, will pair every student in their sophomore year with a local mom of at least two children under three […]

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