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Every Day is Valentine’s Day

After Christmas and New Years, and dare I say, even before they end, Valentine’s Day promotions are everywhere: romantic dinner specials at local restaurants, (side note- Valentine’s Day is the worst day for dinner reservations) shopping sales at major department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom, and a plethora of cards, candy, and décor at Walgreens, […]

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Rebranding Valentine’s Day

I’ve never gone in for Valentine’s Day. The over-priced dinners, wilted roses, and bad chocolates just don’t scream intimate respect, honest discourse, and deep appreciation to me. Neither do diamonds or itchy lingerie. I guess I’m too practical – the Virgo curse. My husband and I have never acknowledged the day. The year we accidentally […]

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Father and daughter rubbing noses

Ode to Our Fathers

No card or movie or Lifetime special can truly capture what our fathers mean to us. Rather than focus on my own experiences, I wanted to write about what the other mothers found important too. What follows is a collection of lessons learned, musings, and memories about our fathers and our spouses. It is our […]

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Wife embracing husband on beach at sunset

Dear Husband,

In Honor of Father’s Day, this is a letter for all the husbands and dads out there who may not always get the “thank you” that they deserve… Just know that while we often forget, we moms have a lot to be thankful for!   Dear Husband, Thank you for rubbing my neck at night […]

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