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4 Unexpected Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Kids

Marriage is awesome! It’s like a sleepover with your best friend every night and you always have a shoulder to lean on. Then you have kids and everything changes. You’ve probably been told this before, and you may have heard advice like, “Have a regular date night or watch movies and play board games together […]

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loneliness of motherhood

Did Motherhood Bring on an Identity Crisis? It’s Normal!

The moment my son arrived it hit me. Suddenly I was immediately on-call, all-the-time breastfeeding, changing diapers, and comforting my little bundle of joy. I didn’t realize that my new “boss” would trigger an identity crisis that would change the path of my life and career forever. I became so much more aware of my […]

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8 Ideas for Carving Out “Me Time” Around San Francisco

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve I was pretending to be productive during my son’s nap, while actually reading food blogs and scrolling through Instagram. I was reading Joy the Baker’s weekly Let It Be Sunday, when I came across a list of New Year’s Eve Reflection Questions. I don’t always set New Year’s […]

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honest answers to a preschool admissions application

Honest Answers to a Preschool Admissions Application 

Based on my preschool admissions research, I’ve learned that there are unofficial tiers of schools, just like in college or law school. Apparently, certain preschools are feeder schools to exclusive private schools, which are, of course, feeder schools for elite universities, which, I imagine, are feeder schools to certain high paying jobs and country clubs. […]

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