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fast fried rice recipe lunch idea

Fast Fried Rice Recipe for Weekday Lunches

My daughter Ilse dislikes sandwiches for lunch. They’re not filling enough for my voracious eater, so she prefers rice or noodle dishes that are heartier. One of her standard lunchbox entrees is fried rice with meat and vegetables. Fried rice is an easy dish to make for a weekday lunch. I make fried rice at least […]

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Winning Lunchbox Tips for Toddlers

Growing up, my mama made school lunches for all three of us girls. When I was in elementary school, lunch primarily consisted of a sandwich, canned fruit, Ruffles potato chips, a cookie, and a juice box. Sometimes, my mama would treat us to an additional dessert of Delmonte pudding. Oh joy! At the end of every […]

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finding new childcare arrangements

On Losing Our Perfect Daycare: the Loss and the Scramble

Recently, we said goodbye to our beloved daycare. Due to reasons beyond their control, our daycare had to close permanently. I am still in shock, still saddened that my daughter, Ilse, will no longer spend time with the friends and teachers she has come to know and love.  It feels like our extended family has […]

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Fall Table Cloth

This Is How I’m Creating Memories, One Tablecloth at a Time

Last night, I replaced my plum-colored tablecloth with a plaid tablecloth from our dining room cabinet. Plaid tablecloths are fantastic because they can easily be centered on a table, using the lines from the plaid pattern, they hide food stains, and complement most decorating styles. Most importantly to me, I have a long history with […]

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