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woman driving vintage car

4 Things I Wish Other Drivers Would Do

I love to drive. I love to drive with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing through my hair, with the radio playing my daughter, Ilse’s, and my favorite songs (currently Belinda Carlisle’s classic “Heaven is a Place on Earth”). I love to drive down empty freeways in the morning and on grey, foggy […]

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3 easy steps to teach toddlers manners

Three Easy Steps to Teach Toddlers Manners

Some of my earliest childhood memories with my parents and grandparents are of them teaching me basic table manners and social manners. The lessons continued well into my high school years, and, every now and then, when I catch myself slouching, I hear my Papa or Mama’s voice telling me to stand straight.”  Among the […]

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Fasting from Laziness

For Christians like myself, the season of Lent began on Ash Wednesday. Lent is the season of prayer and penance. In the past, I have given up sweets, rice, chocolates, swearing, and frivolous spending at my local Walgreens. This year, I had considered fasting, but I love to eat. So, I thought long and hard, […]

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Every Day is Valentine’s Day

After Christmas and New Years, and dare I say, even before they end, Valentine’s Day promotions are everywhere: romantic dinner specials at local restaurants, (side note- Valentine’s Day is the worst day for dinner reservations) shopping sales at major department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom, and a plethora of cards, candy, and décor at Walgreens, […]

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International Travel with a Toddler

My family and I recently returned from our first international holiday together. We traveled to Germany for two weeks to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my parents. We took tons of photos, spent hours at the local Christmas markets, and ate all the local sweets we could stomach. Our daughter, Ilse, even experienced her […]

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Say “Yes” to You!

I recently read an article in the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine about Shonda Rhimes and her new book “Year of Yes.” In the article, Shonda was interviewed about her book and what it means to “say yes.” As a fan of her writing on Scandal, I was intrigued by the notion of “saying […]

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30 Days of Thanks

2016 has been an year of evolution for me, both personally and professionally. I changed jobs. I cut my hair. I traveled nearly six times for work and fun. All of this with a child in my life. One year ago, Ilse was just beginning to eat solids and wear a single bow in her […]

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Fall Rituals

I love Fall. Ask anyone. As soon as September rolls around, I start humming Christmas songs and making my Thanksgiving menu.  I curse the last bit of Indian summer, because I just want to start wearing my sweaters and winter coats. The cold never bothers me; it motivates me. I get motivated by cold weather […]

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