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throwing toys

How I Stopped My Toddler From Throwing Toys

The problem started at a little play area when my son was about 18 months old. He decided that throwing toys was fun. Fortunately, he was not throwing toys at anyone in particular but on a table that was surrounded by innocent bystanders. I took him over to another area of the room to distract him, […]

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body awareness

Please Stop Telling My Son He Is Okay

Please stop telling my son he is okay when he falls.  Do NOT tell him he is okay, to brush it off, and up, up, he goes. Sure, we both know he is probably okay, but are you 100% certain that he is?  Maybe the fall hurt worse than what it looked like. What if […]

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super mom

Super Mom Status: I Didn’t Make the Cut

Super Mom noun The highest aspiration of motherhood. She sends her kids to school with a nutritious, homemade lunch that they (probably) eat without complaint. She makes almost everything else from scratch, too, like those cookies you munched on when you went over to her house for a playdate.  Her house is immaculate (do kids […]

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toilet seat dermatitis

It’s Not Really Eczema After All

I started potty training my son last week and within a few days, he developed a pretty bad rash on the back of his legs that looked like eczema.  Since my husband and I both had eczema as children, I assumed that our son was doomed to the same fate as us. That evening I […]

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A Letter to My First Baby, My Fur Baby

To my dearest fur baby, who we lovingly call Nut-sé,  you have been so wonderful. I wish you knew how much I appreciate you. Becoming a mother has been a journey for me, and I am sure you’ve had your own journey, too. I know you will never be able to read this, but I […]

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