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potty training

Potty Training Reminders

Potty training has been a hot topic amongst my circle of mom friends lately. Some mamas are in no rush to ditch diapers, while others are ready for their kiddo to start practicing on the potty. We are officially done with diapers at our house, and it feels good! For us, the transition out of […]

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toddler tantrums

Let It Go: Moving on After Toddler Meltdowns

Recently, at the bus stop, after a meltdown of epic toddler proportions, my son and I had a conversation that went something like this: Me: Hey, buddy, I’m sorry I got frustrated this morning. Sometimes when you get really upset, and I don’t know what you need or how to make it better, it makes […]

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Sex and the City in 2018 and More (Friday Faves, 8.3.18)

Welcome to Friday, friends! As of Wednesday, I officially have a two-year-old! He informed me the day before his birthday that he’s “turning into a big kid,” which is both terrifying and true. Hopefully, the terrible twos are just a thing of legend….we will see… How’s Fogust treating you so far? I would really prefer [...]
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