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kiddieleaks: preschooler surveillance

KiddieLeaks: The Surveillance Reports of an Average Home with Preschoolers

With all the media talk of high-tech hackers infiltrating our homes through baby monitors, microwaves, and other small appliances, I wondered just what those shady characters of the cyber underworld would make of audio recordings coming from my house. And so, I bring you the seedy world of preschooler espionage: audio files of life with a five- and three-year- […]

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Rebranding Valentine’s Day

I’ve never gone in for Valentine’s Day. The over-priced dinners, wilted roses, and bad chocolates just don’t scream intimate respect, honest discourse, and deep appreciation to me. Neither do diamonds or itchy lingerie. I guess I’m too practical – the Virgo curse. My husband and I have never acknowledged the day. The year we accidentally […]

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Little Grandpa’s Thanksgiving Recipe

In 1910, my little grandpa arrived at Ellis Island from a little town in Italy. He was sixteen years old. I don’t remember much about him – mostly images from pictures. But I do recall how gentle and quiet he was. He wasn’t cooking very much by that point. It was after his stroke, and […]

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Plan-It Dinner

*This post is sponsored – but the thoughts and feelings are our own, and we only work with businesses we believe to be reputable and resourceful to our readers. “I want to bring families back to the dinner table.” This is how Jill O’Leary, founder and chef with Plan-It Dinner, describes her motivation to create […]

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Crying Newborn Baby

Colic :: Your Path to Enlightenment

After my first daughter was born, I miraculously transformed into an extraordinarily confident and capable human. Although I knew enough not to mention it, I could feel my invisible SuperMom cape flapping behind me. I was so perfectly superhuman that I practiced purposeful imperfection in my parenting so my daughter would learn patience and tolerance. […]

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