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Spotlight on Alkalign Studios

This interview is with a mom who is a big inspiration to a lot of us on the peninsula. Erin Paruszewski is a wife, mother of two girls (ages 3 and 6), and the owner of Alkalign Studios, a fitness and health company with two studios in the Bay Area and two in Irvine and […]

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Taking A Page From My Husband

My husband is pretty wonderful, and my better half much of the time. But one thing we don’t always see eye to eye on is time management. While I find him to be painfully slow and very singularly focused, he would probably describe me as hypomanic, rushing around multi-tasking to death. Needless to say, our […]

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How to Host Family Over the Holidays

My family always makes an effort to get together over the holidays, which is not an easy feat considering we live all across the country. When we do manage to pull it off, it’s a pretty big event, with tons of kids and lots of travel involved. This year, I somehow convinced the whole clan […]

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We Have Super Powers, We Just Don’t Realize It

I remember when I was young enough to still believe my mom had super powers. I have no idea if she actually knew what she was doing, but I was convinced that she was the smartest, strongest mom with special powers for finding anything. To me, my mom was Wonder Woman. But more recently, it seems […]

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10 Signs I am Human

In a world where everyone’s striving to be perfect all the time, I’ve decided to embrace my flaws. Here are 10 things I do on a regular basis that are definitely not something to brag about, but are part of what makes me, well, happy… 1) Sometimes on my days off, I take the kids […]

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Introducing an Elite Parenting Podcast: An Interview with Dr. Steve Silvestro

Looking for answers to your mommy questions? Curious about popular parenting topics or wanting to hear from various national experts? If so, the website is for you! The man behind this great resource, Dr. Steve Silvestro, shares his personal experiences as a pediatrician as well as his vision for his parenting podcasts. Why did […]

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