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Portrait of Four Young Mothers with Their Babies

Bay Area Mom Seeking BFF: Humor is A Must!

Moving to the Bay Area has been a very socially humbling experience. I always thought I was good at making friends, but it turns out I’ve relied heavily on my husband’s easygoing nature and the built-in friends that came with medical school and residency. The truth is that I am actually pretty shy and more […]

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10 Signs You Are a Bay Area Mom

I have lived in many different places thus far in my life, but moving to Northern California last year has been an amazing experience for my family. The Bay Area has such a rich combination of scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and career opportunity like nothing I have ever seen. I’ve also noticed several things from […]

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Young couple spending free time together at home

Valentine’s Day- In the Life of a Married Couple

So it’s that time of year when women indulge in heart-shaped candy while awaiting their highly anticipated romantic gift that their significant other has poured countless hours of thought into. Unless you’re like me and have been married for several years, have some kids, a pet, a job, and 5 loads of laundry to do. […]

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Hispanic mother tucking daughter into bed

This is Where I Should Be

I am so grateful for my children, but let’s be honest: parenting can test our patience, organizational skills, and if you’re like me, an innate need to control everything. I have noticed that as a busy working mom of two, I often feel overwhelmed, struggling to get everything done. I am never able to sit […]

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Sad girl

You Can’t Rewind, So Be Kind

As a Mental Health professional in the Bay Area, I see children and teens with a wide array of issues, however one disturbing trend is how malicious kids are to each other. Every week, I meet with school age kids being teased, a tween with insomnia because she worries all night about how peers will […]

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