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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Amazon

The convenience of shopping on Amazon is undeniable, but sometimes they make it a little too easy. Here are ten signs that you may be addicted to Amazon. Take solace in knowing you’re definitely not alone! When you can’t even remember what’s in the box when it arrives When the kids’ favorite game is to […]

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Overweight boy hates broccoli

Getting By With Not So Good Eaters

My children have never been good eaters, and it is so incredibly frustrating. One of my strongest instincts is to feed them, but they’ve resisted my efforts every step of the way. As babies, they were just plain uninterested. They never wanted baby food (jarred or homemade) and barely ate any solids until they were […]

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Anna and Becky during construction

What to Expect When You’re Remodeling

Affording a condo or house is no small feat anywhere in the country, but particularly in the Bay Area. More often than not, the place in your price range will need some work. This happened to my husband and me almost three years ago. With our second child on the way, we wanted to move […]

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