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We’re Done…Aren’t We?

My husband and I had a plan: two kids and then done. We spaced them quite close together, figuring we’d embrace the infant/tiny toddler chaos for a year or two and then bye-bye breast pump, spit-up cloths, mountains of diapers, and human beings who can’t speak our language or move themselves independently. We stuck to […]

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Little girl eating fish fingers

Grooming Good Eaters

My kids—ages 2 and 3—are good eaters. And by “good,” I don’t mean plentiful (though they are), or polite (often, they are not). Instead, I mean that when it comes to food consumption, they are adventurous, enthusiastic and joyful. Raw sushi, Indian food, colorful veggies, braised tofu—you name it; they gobble it up. I am […]

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Female toddler in bathroom sitting on toilet being potty trained while mother is overjoyed and touching heads.

Your Potty Training Survival Guide

I approached potty training with our first child with a mix of fear (very large accidents in very public places), excitement (see ya, daytime diapers!) and bewilderment (how on earth does one teach another human being to pee and poop in a toilet?). Fortunately, by that point—2 years, 5 months into my parenting journey—I knew […]

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Mid adult woman holding up and kissing toddler daughter

Is Kissing Your Kid on the Mouth Creepy?

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, a “trending” news item in the upper right corner of my screen caught my eye. Apparently, a photo of Victoria Beckham giving her 5-year-old daughter a kiss while swimming on vacation had sparked some sort of controversy.   My first thoughts included: Was Victoria topless, holding a cigarette or […]

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