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A baby walking with push cart toy

Helping Toddlers Grow Emotionally

Last month I was lucky enough to spend a whole week with my 16-month-old niece. Besides taking credit for teaching Mallory the words “Di-Di” (a variation of my name that I pushed HARD) and “yes” (you can thank me later), I loved seeing how much she had grown since the winter.  Mallory had become much […]

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Boy kissing mother goodbye walking to school

Preparing For School Anxiety

I was always a goody two shoes growing up- I loved having a perfect attendance record, I strived to be the teacher’s helper, and I always turned in assignments on time. You would think that meant I loved school, right? Wrong! I was just honing my people-pleaser skills from an early age. While I did […]

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4 Steps to Easing Your Child into Preschool

Preschool is a very exciting and emotional milestone in the life of a parent.  There are so many schools to look at, long waitlists to join (for a fee!), and the idea of your little one being without you all day, possibly for the first time ever. It’s pretty overwhelming.   I am going on […]

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Get Your Kids to This…Art Exhibition?! Seriously!

Normally, the words “toddlers” and “art gallery” go together like peanut butter and toxic waste, but I recently discovered a jaw-dropping exception: Living Digital Space and Future Parks, an immersive, interactive digital art exhibition at the PACE Art + Technology gallery in Menlo Park. I had been witnessing a curious transformation of the gallery over the past few months […]

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Morgan 1

Morgan Brasfield- DRIVEN for Women

“Oh, you know Morgan, too?”  I’ve started several conversations this way while chatting with other moms in my neighborhood. Morgan Brasfield, a fellow mom on the Laurel Heights, Presidio Heights, and Inner Richmond playground circuit, is immediately engaging and friendly and seems to know most of the local moms on, at least, a “smile and […]

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Pre-School classroom with puzzles and artwork

7 Tips to Get into Preschool

In my hometown, we had a handful of preschools. When I was three years old, my mom picked one, and I went.  It’s not that simple in San Francisco, and I’m sure you’re not surprised.  Here are my tips for navigating the admissions process, and you can trust my advice. I learned the hard way; […]

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