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do you appreciate teachers like I do

Do You Appreciate Teachers Like I Do?

For Teacher Appreciation Week, an email went out from my daughter, Sara’s, preschool asking parents to cook dinners for the teachers to take home and enjoy. It was “voluntary” to participate. Did I want to participate? No. I love Sara’s teachers. They know I do. My hope for them is not just this week, but […]

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March Madness

Mommy Madness Tournament 2018

It’s March Madness, the annual tournament to whittle down the best college basketball teams to one national champion, and we want in on the fun! We’ve set up a bracket of our own – Mommy Madness – about all the things that make moms go mad! Follow along on our Facebook page for posts matching […]

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honest answers to a preschool admissions application

Honest Answers to a Preschool Admissions Application 

Based on my preschool admissions research, I’ve learned that there are unofficial tiers of schools, just like in college or law school. Apparently, certain preschools are feeder schools to exclusive private schools, which are, of course, feeder schools for elite universities, which, I imagine, are feeder schools to certain high paying jobs and country clubs. […]

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You Might Be a San Francisco Mom If . . .

Raising a family in San Francisco comes with special privileges and challenges. You might be a San Francisco mom if . . .  You buy milk at the corner store using Apple Pay. You pay your babysitter with Venmo. You’ve considered sending the preschool admissions director cookies to increase your child’s chances of acceptance. You’ve said […]

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