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Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re the Second Kid

 You can sleep ANYWHERE and through ANYTHING.  Your older sibling just got an instrument set, no problem.  You are used to them running around the house screaming while you peacefully nap anyway.  Need to nap at a soccer game, in the car, or during swimming lessons, (yup, you’ve been splashed while sleeping) no big deal. […]

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Boy (6-7) shouting through paper megaphone

Quiz :: How Loud is Your Kid?

All kids are loud, but some of them are really loud — actually, too loud. I have one of those kids, and I have another one who falls under the normal-loud volume level. I also come from an above-average-volumed family, so I consider myself an expert on the nuances of the loud talker. If you’re […]

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USA, California, Ladera Ranch, Laundry hanging on clothesline against blue sky

Quiz :: What Your Laundry Style Says About You

Summertime makes me think of sunscreen-scented clothing, sandy beach towels and laundry, lots and lots of laundry. The loads seem to increase exponentially, as do the stained clothes. Grass, dirt and popsicle stains are all signs of a good summer, but how you handle them shows more than what kind of laundress you are. Take […]

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Portrait of smiling female scientists

The Scientific Discoveries You’ve Been Waiting For!*

As a busy mom constantly on the go, you might not have had a lot of time recently to brush up on the latest issues of the various scientific and medical journals. (US Weekly, yes; but the New England Journal of Medicine, not quite yet.) Fortunately, San Francisco Moms Blog is here to fill you […]

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Struggling Nanny

Department of Education Introduces New Sex Ed Program

The Department of Education is set to announce a controversial new sex ed program that it will introduce into its High School Common Core curriculum beginning in the next school year. The new program, titled Scared Sterile, will pair every student in their sophomore year with a local mom of at least two children under three […]

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Problems Only SF Kids Have...

The Top Problems Only SF Kids Have

I see more Google buses than school buses. I just discovered what rain is thanks to something called El Nino.  My parents think letting me run around at a winery is equivalent to taking me to a playground. I had no say in my preschool choice because Mommy and Daddy signed me up before I […]

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Ode to the Sippy Cup

Oh sippy cup, sippy cup, you promised to be,  a leak-proof vessel, completely spill free, But somehow your liquid doesn’t stay put. It bubbles up over and spills on my foot, Or worse, on the cushions, carpet and tile. There goes my hope they’d look nice for a while. I’ve tried all the styles. I’ve […]

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USA, California, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge in fog

10 Signs You Are a Bay Area Mom

I have lived in many different places thus far in my life, but moving to Northern California last year has been an amazing experience for my family. The Bay Area has such a rich combination of scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and career opportunity like nothing I have ever seen. I’ve also noticed several things from […]

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