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good schools bay area

Why Your Definition of a “Good School” Should Influence Where You Live

This post is in partnership with Suburban Jungle. I started to freak out about the San Francisco kindergarten admissions process last fall. From the moment we thought about raising kids in the city, we knew that getting them into a good school would be one of the biggest obstacles we’d face. It had been in the back […]

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playground etiquette

I Let My Kids Run Up the Slide. Why Don’t You?

  I would love if there was some sort of playground orientation that parents could attend to get on the same page about what is acceptable behavior from our children at the park. I wrote down my ideal set of rules a few years ago, but I’m certainly in no position to enforce them broadly, and that’s […]

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give kids warnings

Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Kid Warnings

“Don’t make me count to three!” This sentence has a problem. What’s the problem? It’s a warning that there are going to be three more warnings before a consequence will come. I mean, maybe a consequence will come. There might also be more warnings. And here’s what this sentence teaches your kid: You have to […]

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toddler tantrums

5 Ways to Prevent Meltdowns You Haven’t Tried Yet

Every mom of a toddler knows that meltdowns happen. When our little people come face to face with their big feelings, let’s just say everyone has a hard time. I have a few new tricks and tips for you that will reduce these little “incidents.” “Last One” You may have heard from Daniel Tiger to […]

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4th of july cupcakes

Festive Cupcakes with Filling for the 4th of July + New Summer Activity Sheets

Be prepared for lots of compliments, if you bring these adorable red, white, and blue cupcakes to your 4th of July party. They’re easy to make, and the kids can help! Kelly shows us how in this video:  Distract the kids until the cupcakes are ready with these 4th of July and summer-themed activity sheets, or […]

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Father's Day homemade gifts sf

Father’s Day Homemade Gifts From the Kids

Show your kids that it's the thought that counts by having them make their own Father's Day gifts for Dad this year. Here are simple and sentimental ideas to get them going! All About Dad Print out our All About Dad page and have them answer the questions. Their responses are sure to be equal parts adorable and [...]
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