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Why Your Definition of a “Good School” Should Influence Where You Live

This post is in partnership with Suburban Jungle. I started to freak out about the San Francisco kindergarten admissions process last fall. From the moment we thought about raising kids in the city, we knew that getting them into a good school would be one of the biggest obstacles we’d face. It had been in the back […]

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academic parent

Use Summer to Shift Your Family’s Mindset on Homework and Academics

*This post is sponsored, but the thoughts and feelings are our own, and we only work with businesses who we believe to be reputable and resourceful to our readers.  Parenting is not for the weary.  Raising kids from little hatchlings to young adults able to spread their wings and fly confidently out of our nest is not […]

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5 Reasons Why 5th Grade Graduation

5 Reasons Why Fifth Grade Graduation Is a Big Deal

A few weeks ago, I overheard a friend of my daughter’s ask her why she was making such a big deal out of their upcoming fifth grade promotion. Theirs, like most San Francisco public elementary schools, is a K-5, from which the kids continue on to middle school. My daughter had been telling her friend […]

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