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Teenage girl measuring her waist

How to Change Your Daughter’s Negative Body Image

In many households, the start of school means new clothes, however, back-to-school shopping can highlight negative body image for pre-teen and teen girls.  Returning to school can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety for girls as many teenagers anticipate that their classmates might notice differences in their appearance after the long summer break. Moms […]

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Boy kissing mother goodbye walking to school

Preparing For School Anxiety

I was always a goody two shoes growing up- I loved having a perfect attendance record, I strived to be the teacher’s helper, and I always turned in assignments on time. You would think that meant I loved school, right? Wrong! I was just honing my people-pleaser skills from an early age. While I did […]

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Little girl looking at plaster where she has had an injection

Things Moms Should Know About Vaccines But Are Too Afraid to Ask

As parents, we are tasked with making the best and safest decisions for our children and their health. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you know there are very strong opinions in our culture about vaccines and their safety. This post serves to better inform you about vaccinations: what […]

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