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Passionate About the San Francisco-area
and the Moms Who Live Here

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What Being a Mom in San Francisco Has Taught Me About Myself

Sometimes I can’t believe I survived the first year. I would be walking my daughter and find myself window shopping bars during Happy Hour. Seeing people without kids happily carrying on amongst friends, it dawned on me that a carefree and unattached existence was mine but never fully appreciated. I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like […]

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Morgan Brasfield- DRIVEN for Women

“Oh, you know Morgan, too?”  I’ve started several conversations this way while chatting with other moms in my neighborhood. Morgan Brasfield, a fellow mom on the Laurel Heights, Presidio Heights, and Inner Richmond playground circuit, is immediately engaging and friendly and seems to know most of the local moms on, at least, a “smile and […]

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