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Passionate About the San Francisco-area
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Why Your Definition of a “Good School” Should Influence Where You Live

This post is in partnership with Suburban Jungle. I started to freak out about the San Francisco kindergarten admissions process last fall. From the moment we thought about raising kids in the city, we knew that getting them into a good school would be one of the biggest obstacles we’d face. It had been in the back […]

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Sex and the City in 2018 and More (Friday Faves, 8.3.18)

Welcome to Friday, friends! As of Wednesday, I officially have a two-year-old! He informed me the day before his birthday that he’s “turning into a big kid,” which is both terrifying and true. Hopefully, the terrible twos are just a thing of legend….we will see… How’s Fogust treating you so far? I would really prefer [...]
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new york or san francisco

I Stay in San Francisco for the Men

New York is a better city than San Francisco. Hands. Down. This truth can quickly divide a crowd into fists full of pumps or tomatoes. But, really, it’s hard to argue. New York has better transportation. Sure, not as many nostalgic varieties as SF, but the NY subway actually connects you to where you need […]

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