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Parenting Tips for Kids of All Ages

Parenting advice comes at new parents like a tidal wave. The unsolicited advice from strangers, the well meaning advice of friends and family, and the countless online forums and articles leave us fighting to catch our breath. We politely wade through the comments, ignoring most of them. Once in a while, though, like a pretty […]

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Ways to Comfort a Friend After a Miscarriage

Getting pregnant these days isn’t an easy task for everyone.  For some, it can be an emotional and physical roller coaster of fertility drugs, injections, procedures, ultrasounds, and anxious waiting games.  And unfortunately, sometimes all that effort still does not result in a healthy pregnancy.  Last week, in a 24-hour period, three of my friends […]

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Ok, I know this is controversial.  Some women swear by this book/method and others can’t stand it.  I, personally, love Babywise!  I used this method with my first son, who learned how to eat and sleep happily through the night with very few problems, and I intend to use it again with my second son. […]

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You’re Pregnant? Are You Crazy?

It turns out that people are significantly less enthusiastic about your fourth pregnancy than your first. As one friend and mother of four put it, “Congratulations! That’s so exciting! Welcome to the club where people regularly ask you if you’re crazy, and look at you like you definitely are when you tell them that no, […]

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