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perfect mom

Tapping into “The Professionals” in Our Lives

We call my sister “The Professional.”  Seeming to have really good answers to every question I’ve ever asked her about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, she’s been through it all with her own three kids.  And when her youngest started preschool, my sister truly earned the title of “The Professional” by becoming a preschool teacher. Now […]

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mental load motherhood

Tackling the Mental Load of Motherhood

Most women I know feel that the split of managing household tasks is. . . unbalanced between their partners and themselves. A recent article in The Washington Post backs up that feeling with these statistics: “Employed women partnered with employed men carry 65 percent of the family’s child-care responsibilities. . . Women with babies enjoy half as […]

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3 Ways Valentine’s Day is Different After Kids (and 1 Way It’s Not!)

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing men on the street holding bouquets of flowers. I think all food looks cuter heart-shaped! A lot about Valentine’s Day has changed for me through the years. It’s been some time since my single days of girls’ dinner parties and Valentine’s Day pillow fights. […]

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