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baby sleep myths debunked

5 Baby Sleep Myths Debunked

Every parent has been given some unsolicited advice on sleep. Some of it was even true. Sleep myths abound and being a sleep consultant, let me tell you, I’ve heard almost all of them. The myths survive because in our tired stupor they sound reasonble. Today, we’re going to set the record straight on five […]

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Mixed race baby sleeping in crib

5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

I am not a doctor.  I am not a sleep specialist.  I am a mom, and I have been blessed with good sleepers.  I like to think they sleep well because I followed certain recommendations, but I am fully aware that some kids like to sleep and others just don’t sleep, no matter what you […]

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UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 26:  Young boy sleeping in a hotel bed, Devon, England  (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Sleep Terrors? Who ya Gonna Call?

With the new Ghostbusters movie opening, what better time to talk about sleep terrors (ST)! While some people are terrified by green slime, ST are the stuff of nightmares for many parents. But the good news is, I’m here to reassure you- ST are generally harmless and most kids grow out of them! Here is […]

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