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Three hundred Intel Shooting Star drones light up the sky over Folsom, California, on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The drone light show that honored the LGBTQ community is part of Intel’s celebration of Pride Month. The performance celebrated diversity and equality, including symbolic illustrations of the Pride flag and same-sex symbols. Intel spotlighted two LGBTQ couples that include an Intel employee. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Lighting Up the Sky in Celebration of LGBTQ Families

  I can’t say I’d given the topic of children growing up in families with two mommies or two daddies much more than surface-level thought, wondering things like, “Are there books tailored for their families or do they have to adapt the stories as they read to their children before bedtime every night?” Last weekend, […]

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Quit Clowning Around

This recent trend of people wearing clown masks to spook people is causing some problems in my house. My kids take the city bus home from school every day, and now my middle-schooler is a bit unnerved. On one hand, I’m a little surprised it’s alarming him because he sees suspicious looking people on the […]

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Donate to Help Moms in Baton Rouge

San Francisco Moms Blog is raising money for our City Moms Blog Network Sister Site in Baton Rouge, Red Stick Moms Blog.  Many moms and families there have lost everything from the recent floods, including 5 writers on the RSMB team. Please help! Donations will be turned into Amazon and Visa Gift Cards and will […]

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Olympic Fever

I am loving the Olympics!  It is nice to take a break from watching the crazy political race or latest terrorist attack coverage on the news.  The Olympics are inspiring and have been a breath of fresh air for me.  It also has been fun to experience the Olympics with my 2.5 year old son. […]

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