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PJ Masks Live! Time to Be a Hero Did Not Disappoint

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PJ Masks Live!Editor’s Note: Since it’s almost Father’s Day, Amy invited her husband Paul to recap PJ Masks Live and share why this particular show was so special for their family to experience together. 

Last night we took our kids to see PJ Masks Live – Time to be Hero at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. PJ Masks is an animated children’s television show on Disney Junior that follows the adventures of three kids who transform into superheroes at night and fight crime in their pajamas. There’s Connor who becomes Catboy, Amaya who becomes Owlette and Greg who becomes Gekko. Each PJ Mask has their own special superpower which they use to foil a regular cast of villains.

My daughter Sara saw an episode of PJ Masks at her cousins’ house about a year ago and fell in love with the characters. When she asked me to tell her bedtime stories about the PJ Masks, I didn’t know anything about them so we would spin up stories about how the PJ Masks foiled crimes perpetrated by made-up villains with our imagination. It is now part of our nighttime routine to reenact a story before bedtime — Sara is Owlette, Jack (her two-year-old brother) is Catboy and I am Gekko. We work as a team to keep our city safe before a good night’s sleep. While we run around the house reciting our lines and using our special powers, I am reminded how lucky I am to have my very own tiny superheroes.

The live show features a storyline including the real villains (Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja) who decide it’s time to join forces to defeat the PJ Masks and take over PJ Masks’ headquarters. Initially, the PJ Masks stumble because they split up and try to tackle the villains separately which results in the capture of Gekko just before intermission. When the action resumes, the PJ Masks work as a team to rescue Gekko and defeat the villains who just can’t seem to master teamwork.

The show is 80 minutes (including a 20-minute intermission) of non-stop dancing and singing. The audience was filled with little ones dressed up as their favorite PJ Masks and audience participation was highly encouraged. My kids loved every minute of it… and I had a smile on my face just watching them the whole time.

My superhero celebrating the PJ Masks victory.


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