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{Homemade Art Projects with Sara} The Perfect Shirt for Father’s Day

father's day craftThis is a series of posts by our contributor Amy, where she shares fun and easy art projects that she does with her 5-year-old daughter, Sara. All of the homemade art projects are designed for and/or by Sara and are meant to be low cost (always), worth keeping/gifting (sometimes), and a manageable mess (never).

Art: The Perfect Shirt for Every Dad

Occasion: Father’s Day

Level of Difficulty: 5 (Medium)

Materials: 1 sheet of colored paper and some patience

Origami is as hard as it looks, at least for me. It’s not all that complicated, but it requires some serious patience. I personally suffer from the kind of patience deficit that makes me refuse to acknowledge a silly tool like a leveler and skip extra steps if I can at all avoid them like wearing an oven mitt. Sara got her patience from her father, and she loved making this. If you dig deep and actually follow it step-by-step, I promise it works and it fits perfectly!

Steps 1-4:

  1. Start with a piece of construction paper and fold it approximately at the third 
  2. Tear off a third
  3. Fold the larger remaining piece in half (lengthwise)
  4. Fold the bottom up one third

Father's Day craftSteps 5-8:

  1. Flip the paper over and fold each side in equally toward the center
  2. Fold down the bottom corner at an angle to make the sleeve
  3. Fold down the opposite corner to make the other sleeve
  4. Flip the paper over and fold down the top edge about ¼ inch to make the collar

Father's Day origamiSteps 9-12

  1. Flip the paper over and fold down one top corner at an angle to make the collar point
  2. Fold down the opposite corner at an angle to make the other collar point
  3. Fold the half bottom up
  4. Tuck the bottom half under collar to complete the shirt!

Father's Day craft
We made this shirt to hold our homemade memory game. It can hold other things for Dad like the perfect gift card!

father's day craft

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