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fourth of july events in san francisco

2018 Fourth of July Events in San Francisco

Grab your scarf and mittens. It’s almost time to celebrate Independence Day in San Francisco! Like so many other things about this city, it’s foggy and chilly summer makes it special, and it certainly won’t stop us from enjoying the holiday. Here are the main events happening around the city on the Fourth of July […]

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getting toddlers to eat healthy

4 Ways to Help Your Toddler Develop the Skills to Make Healthy Food Choices

The other day I saw a middle-school aged child eating a Lunchable and a bag of chips. I probably wouldn’t have noticed except that she and her friend were both eating the same brand of chips and were both overweight for their age. Across the courtyard were children eating homemade sandwiches. They seemed to be […]

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zero waste

How Families Can Reach San Francisco’s Goal of Zero Waste

San Francisco has always stood out as a progressive, environmentally responsible city. In fact, the city we call home is a Zero Waste city. That means that our Department of Public Works strives to make it possible for us to completely avoid sending any of our accumulated waste to landfill or incineration. Zero Waste matters […]

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Becca one piece crochet bathing suit

8 Bathing Suit Styles to Celebrate Your Body (No Gym Membership Required)

Yesterday I went swimsuit shopping with my six-year-old daughter Noelle. She bought her first two-piece, a fun little hot pink number from Gap Kids. Exhilarated and confident, she put on the suit, dancing in front of the mirror and posing. Watching her joy made me think of one word: celebration. Her bikini-clad dance signified a [...]
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GMC Yukon Denali

Road Trippin’ to Monterey in (Denali) Style

(This post is in partnership with GMC.) Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the good fortune to test drive a 2018 GMC Yukon Denali through a promotion with the San Francisco Mom’s Blog. My husband, ten and twelve-year old daughters, and I, along with my childhood BFF and her boyfriend, who were visiting from Denver, traveled […]

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(author unknown)

5 Funny Dad Memes in Honor of Father’s Day

Who doesn't love a good meme? Here are five perfect memes to share with the fathers in your life. Dads, we're not laughing at you; we're laughing with you. Happy Father's Day!   I say bedtime, and my husband hears, “time to re-enact a WWE fight, kids!” • • • • #bedtime #dadlife #dadmemes #kidsanddads [...]
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Friday Faves 61518

Books to Read, Wine to Try, and a Search for Summer Sandals (Friday Faves 6.15.18)

Happy Friday! I’m excited to be back to kick off the weekend. It feels like it’s been awhile! Last weekend we were visiting Chicago for the first time, and this weekend we are headed up to Sonoma County to celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. I’m trying to brainstorm something delicious that will be a [...]
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Father's Day homemade gifts sf

Father’s Day Homemade Gifts From the Kids

Show your kids that it's the thought that counts by having them make their own Father's Day gifts for Dad this year. Here are simple and sentimental ideas to get them going! All About Dad Print out our All About Dad page and have them answer the questions. Their responses are sure to be equal parts adorable and [...]
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father's day sentiment

For Fathers, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The women in my family love to talk, so the fathers in my life sometimes have a hard time getting a word in edgewise. I wouldn’t exactly describe them as men of few words; they just aren’t what you’d call chatty. As a result, I have learned more from their actions than their words. In […]

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