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dallas and austin memories of vacation

Highlights from Dallas & Austin: Warm Nights, Local Eats & Lots of Pool Time

For the past three summers, my family and I have traveled to Texas to visit with family and get a little R&R. Every year, we try to incorporate different attractions and restaurants. This year, we spent a week between Austin and Dallas. We stayed at different hotels in different parts of town than we have […]

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Playing Tourist in Our Own City with Wheel Fun Rentals

This post is in partnership with Wheel Fun Rentals.   We recently took advantage of free childcare (aka grandparents in town!) to go on a rare day date. We moved to San Francisco one year ago, but we haven’t had the chance to do many touristy things since our twins were born shortly after we […]

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Raise Your Hand If Making Moms Friends Is Hard to Do (Friday Faves 8.17.18)

Happy Friday! For those of you with kiddos starting school next Monday, are you ready for your last weekend of freedom?! This time of year always makes me miss teaching, with all the first day of school jitters and excitement. I hope you can squeeze in some extra family fun this weekend before the craziness [...]
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easy summer scrapbook

I’m Not Crafty, But I’m Making a Summertime Scrapbook, Anyway

This year, instead of saying, “Wow! Summer went fast,” and leaving those memories in the dust, I’m vowing to take time to reflect on all the things my family did over the last few months, and I hope you do, too. The start of the school year means launching into the next round of To […]

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back to school signs

First Day of School Printables from Ted & Kate!

We’ve partnered with Ted & Kate, a custom stationery business run by local mom, Sarah Tarantino, to create First Day of School Printables to commemorate the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Leading up to the first day of school is always busy and emotional, so take “Make an adorable First Day of School sign” […]

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how to get kids to eat their veggies

How I Get My Kids to Eat (More Than) Their Fair Share of Veggies

Getting kids to eat vegetables is tough!  Yes, it is important to teach children to eat vegetables willingly, or at least knowingly, and I focus on this at home, too.  But they’ll never eat enough veggies to meet their daily nutritional needs on their own accord, so I’m a big fan of supplementing by hiding […]

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non-invasive vaginal tightening pacific plastic surgery group

The Incredible Tale of My Vagina’s Journey Back in Time

This post is in partnership with Pacific Plastic Surgery Group. When people ask me about my childbirth experiences, I tell them about how when I gave birth to my first baby it took a long time; it involved tearing, lots of blood, a traumatic first bowel movement, a week of packing ice into my undies, […]

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wrist pain new moms

What Is Mommy Wrist and How to Treat It

So you have a new baby, and while you expected there to be a period of recovery while your body heals from the birth (or just from the sheer exhaustion of those early days), you probably didn’t expect your wrists to hurt so darn much. You’ve got Mommy Wrist (sometimes called Mommy Thumb), which occurs […]

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good schools bay area

Why Your Definition of a “Good School” Should Influence Where You Live

This post is in partnership with Suburban Jungle. I started to freak out about the San Francisco kindergarten admissions process last fall. From the moment we thought about raising kids in the city, we knew that getting them into a good school would be one of the biggest obstacles we’d face. It had been in the back […]

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trending news

A Kid-Friendly Playlist + New Seasonal Recipes (Friday Faves 8.10.18)

We made it through another week! Is it just me, or does it feel like August is flying by?! With all the Back to School craziness and fog in the City during August, it’s easy to forget it’s still summer. The first official day of fall isn’t until September 22, so let’s all just slow [...]
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