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{Homemade Art Projects with Sara} Make Your Own Memory Game

This is a series of posts by our contributor Amy, where she shares fun and easy art projects that she does with her 5-year-old daughter, Sara. All of the homemade art projects are designed for and/or by Sara and are meant to be low cost (always), worth keeping/gifting (sometimes), and a manageable mess (never).

Art: Make your own memory game

Occasion: A necessary activity for kids & adults

Level of Difficulty: 2 (Low)

Materials: 1 sheet of white paper, scissors, crayons, markers and/or gel pens

Memory games are great for kids to develop their memory and for adults to keep it. You really only play them when either you are a kid or you have kids. Turns out, the time in between does not make the memory grow stronger. Sara got a memory game that we played together and, at first, it was painful (for me). After a few tries, we both got better, until we lost a piece. So we decided to make our own.

Step 1: Fold & cut your paper

  1. Fold the white sheet of paper four times down and four times across to score 16 square-ish shapes.
  2. Cut along the scores to make 16 equal size game pieces.

Step 2. Decorate your game pieces

  1. Use whatever art supplies you like (crayons, markers and/or gel pens) to create 8 fun game pieces and their matches.

Step 3. Have fun with your designs

  1. As long as they each have a match, the game pieces can be anything you want.

Step 4. Always remember the most important piece

  1. How hard she laughed when she drew the “baby chick reading a book and pooping.”


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