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Why I Love my Teenager’s Cell Phone

iphone-518101_960_720When my son went to high school this year, I was dismayed by the fact that he was allowed to use his phone throughout the day. Now, my view has changed completely!

Because he has his phone, I get real-time accounts when he is happy or upset and am more informed than ever about his daily activities.

Last year, by the time I saw him to ask about his day, I would get the standard “fine.” All the highs and lows had happened hours before, and boys tend to get over things quickly. Now, as soon as something happens to him, he will often text me to let me know about it. Usually it’s when he’s upset about something, and he needs to talk (high school has been a bit dramatic so far). Because he can reach out when he’s in the thick of it, I feel like I can be there in ways for him that I couldn’t when he was in middle school and not allowed his phone.

Interestingly, he reaches out to me instead of my husband. I find that interesting because my husband is much more level-headed than I am. But, I think my son’s looking for my reaction to make him feel better. My husband would probably do the man thing where he would try to fix the problem. Whereas if my son feels “wronged,” he knows that I will generally offer sympathy. That’s all he’s really looking for. It makes him feel better, and then he can go about his day. The same goes for if he has to confess something. He can count on me for a reaction, and then go about his day without the guilt hanging over his head.

Feeling even slightly informed about my teenagers life is a privilege that many don’t share. That said, I don’t expect the increased communication, good or bad, to last, so I’m enjoying while it does!

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