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Mama Drama

Lately there has been some immature Mama Drama happening among my group of mama friends. Sadly, it all started on a social media parenting app, and it got me thinking a lot about how to handle things such as this. The long and the short of it is- there will always be some type of drama. No one lives a drama-free life. Even Mickey’s Clubhouse has its fair share. But what do we do as mothers when things get sticky?  How do we carry ourselves and use our words to build each other up while supporting our friends and fellow mothers? 

Well a lot like high school, you can’t be friends with everyone, and there will always be people that rub you the wrong way. And that’s ok! You can only be in charge of yourself and your actions.  We live in a world where bullies exist, and it is up to us to speak up and stand up not only for ourselves but for those who are unable to do so for themselves. It is also up to us to set a good example for our kiddos. 

I have a genuine love for all of my mama friends.  They have all been there for me when I needed support, and I will be there for them in return. We are each other’s “Toodles” so to speak. And at the end of the day, we all have a lot going on in our lives, but we can choose to make time for each other and ourselves.  

Instead of picking a side when drama happens in your mama group, do what feels right to you but don’t bully or judge. Don’t stir the pot. Be friends with those that are understanding and supportive of you in your good times and bad. This may be a bad time for them.  Remember none of us are perfect.  You don’t all have to do the “Hot Dog dance” together all the time but sharing wine and a hug are just as good!

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