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Ode to Sleep

RIP, Sleep! We had a good run, but ever since my son made his epic appearance into the world, I feel like sleep and I have gone through a messy divorce of some sorts.

And so my Ode to Sleep was created:


Will I ever sleep again?

Will I forever be watching Big Ben?

Tick tock away…

While I rock, sing, and sway.


He’s over one now,

He should be sleeping.

Instead he wakes frequently,

And out of bed I go leaping.


Night terrors create gigantic screams.

I hope my jumps don’t make me hit high beams.

Yes, I’ve tried white noise, black-out blinds, and even sleep training.

Maybe I am the one that I should be blaming?


I stick to a solid night-time routine!

I’m so jealous of those who sleep through the night, I’m green.

Maybe once he is two, he will be over these issues.

Until then, I will keep crying through tissues.


Wine, chocolate and complaining to my mom friends,

Will get me through until this lack of sleep ends!

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