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Permission to Get Healthy

Mid adult mother practicing yoga with toddler daughter on top of her

‘Tis the season for gyms to recruit new members.  We are a month into our New Year Resolutions- how are you all doing?  

I walked past the JCC on California Street recently, and a huge banner hung out front exclaiming, “New Year, New You!”  If it was so easy to stay in shape, gyms probably wouldn’t have to recruit so hard.  Everyone would already belong and be going.  We all have competing priorities that make it tough to workout and eat three square meals a day.  I’m not here to give you tips on how to do it (sorry), but I am here to give you permission to do it…because sometimes you just need to hear that from someone else.  

It took me 7 months after my second baby was born to have enough energy to figure out how to fit exercise into my day and to actually do it.  I stay home with my kids, and there is always someone or something that needs my attention (I know this is the case for working moms, too).  Finally, I decided that the dishes could stay in the sink a little longer, and the bed could stay un-made.  While my son took his first nap of the day, my toddler watched shows on the iPad, and I completed a 30-minute workout in the living room (followed by a 2 minute shower, if I was lucky).  You know what?  It worked.  This became my new routine.  Oh, and I actually made myself a healthy lunch, instead of eating my kids’ leftovers.

This means that I am generally in workout gear for at least half of the day with my house a little messier than I’d prefer it to be, but I feel better about myself.  I don’t have dramatic weight loss pictures to share (although I did lose some weight), but I am stronger and have more energy (just like they say on TV!).  

Now, my son is getting ready to drop his morning nap, and I will have to re-adjust my workout time.  I’ll probably miss a few more workouts than I’d like while I figure this out, but that’s ok.  My health is a priority to me now, so I will make it work.  I mean, I’m looking for 30 measly minutes a day.  There’s no need to feel guilty for that.  

So, give yourself permission to fit your health into your life, whatever kind of exercise and whatever schedule works for you and your family.  Your routine will change over time, and you will fall off the wagon occasionally. However, when it becomes your new normal, you will feel better about yourself and make the effort to keep it up.

P.S. I consider massages and pedicures critical components of a healthy lifestyle as well.  

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