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baby gear for twins

Twins: You Don’t Need Two of Everything

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Once the sheer shock of being pregnant with twins has worn off, you’ll probably start panicking about needing DOUBLE the amount of stuff. My mind was spinning at the thought of changing hundreds of diapers and washing dozens of bottles. (At four months, we’d already gone through over 2,000 […]

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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (5.25.18)

Welcome to the weekend! We spent last weekend in Austin (where we lived before we moved to SF) and had the best time! It’s such a kid-friendly city, with so much delicious food and tons of things to do outdoors. If you haven’t been, you have to go check it out! This weekend we plan […]

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do you appreciate teachers like I do

Do You Appreciate Teachers Like I Do?

For Teacher Appreciation Week, an email went out from my daughter, Sara’s, preschool asking parents to cook dinners for the teachers to take home and enjoy. It was “voluntary” to participate. Did I want to participate? No. I love Sara’s teachers. They know I do. My hope for them is not just this week, but […]

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