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Passionate About the San Francisco-area
and the Moms Who Live Here
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Parenting Tips for Kids of All Ages

Parenting advice comes at new parents like a tidal wave. The unsolicited advice from strangers, the well meaning advice of friends and family, and the countless online forums and articles leave us fighting to catch our breath. We politely wade through the comments, ignoring most of them. Once in a while, though, like a pretty […]

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A Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Celebration

Come celebrate being a mommy in the San Francisco Area with us!  It’s a great way to make new friends, socialize your little ones, and win great prizes!  Our first event, A Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Celebration is Wednesday, May 4th 4-5:3opm at Recess Urban Recreation.  Tickets are on sale! In addition to […]

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Mommy Needs Playdates Too

As a new first-time mom, I found myself doing everything for my son. It just happened, and I did not even notice at first that I lost myself.  I was so wrapped up in putting my son first and making sure his needs were met that even when close family and friends would tell me […]

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My Child with Autism

April is National Autism Awareness Month and with the number of children being diagnosed with autism now 1 in every 68 in America, I feel like everyone knows a family affected by the disorder.  My good friend Jessica let me ask her some questions about her experience having a son on the autism spectrum.  She […]

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