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Passionate About the San Francisco-area
and the Moms Who Live Here
Things are getting out of control in here!

Say Yes to the Mess (at least sometimes!)

It was a Saturday morning in early December. My husband was out of town and my mom had volunteered to babysit so I could squeeze in a workout before diving into a typically frenetic day with two active toddlers. I arrived home to find a kitchen in chaos: a floor blanketed in sprinkles; countertops covered […]

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Sad girl

You Can’t Rewind, So Be Kind

As a Mental Health professional in the Bay Area, I see children and teens with a wide array of issues, however one disturbing trend is how malicious kids are to each other. Every week, I meet with school age kids being teased, a tween with insomnia because she worries all night about how peers will […]

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Rainy Days Activities for Toddlers at Home and Around San Francisco

Be honest. You’re a little disappointed it’s an El Niño year, aren’t you? Even though we really, really need the rain, being stuck inside with toddlers for more than one day takes the stamina and patience of an Ironman, an Ironmom , if you will. I’m certainly out of training. The drought brought beautiful weather […]

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