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Gift Idea :: Bench Essential for the Sports Parent

benchessentials1*This post is sponsored – but the thoughts and feelings are our own, and we only work with businesses we believe to be reputable and resourceful to our readers.

Some of us are soccer moms, basketball moms or a mom of all sports trades depending on our children’s activity level.  I am a dedicated baseball/softball mom, and I thank the heavens everyday that my kids chose to focus their energy on one sport. I just could not handle a schedule that consisted of more than one sport + extracurricular school activities like guitar class & chess lessons.  The drive from one activity to the next on top of a jammed packed work day was just too much.  I commend all the parents who are capable of this feat. For me, baseball activities is year round. Both my daughter and son are in a baseball league together and my daughter also plays softball. Aside from them being active in the general Spring/Summer seasons, they both also fill my Winter/Fall season schedule with practices, scrimmages & skills clinics at least 3-4x per week.  

This means a lot of time spent sitting on bleachers and benches.  

You don’t need to go to a baseball game to know that the bleachers suck for the derriere. Depending on the type of field, I will bring our foldable chairs but that can get inconvenient and is heavy on the back and shoulders. After most practices & games, my kids are too exhausted to carry their own sports bags. Which means mommy has to step in and carry their sports bags. I end up carrying those plus foldable chairs plus a bag of snacks, cause God forbid mom forgets the snacks!  You get the lovely picture; I want something that will make the sports seasons a little more comfortable for mom’s derriere and less heavy baggage to lug around to ease my shoulders and back.  I have a lot of items on the Christmas wish list to make this upcoming sports season a little bit more comfortable and convenient for myself.  One of these items is a compact, lightweight seating pad for the bleachers and I got it! Woohoo! It even came before Christmas! We put the Bench Essential seating pad to use as soon as it arrived. Their advertising says it was designed with bleachers and benches in mind, but they should probably consider changing it or adding to it with ‘designed with mom and dad’s comfort in mind’.  That slogan change probably won’t happen but hey, worth a try!

benchessentials3My favorite part about the product is the bleacher side that has the waterproof nylon.  For the Fall/Winter season; wet bleachers and wet bottoms is pretty norm.  Being able to unfold it over wet bleachers, sit down and still have a dry bottom is important. It also saves many from the pee stained pants style. I’ve sat down a couple of times on bleachers assuming it was dry and hopped up real quick with a wet bum.  Not a pretty sight! Haha.  For the Summer season, I can see it helping with keeping the bum safe from a burning hot bleacher seat.  I can also see it as a beneficial mat for the times when we tell our kids to be careful not to spill their juice but it happens anyway.  Using the nylon waterproof side for juice and snack break seating will make clean up pretty easy.  There’s no shortage of various ways to use the Bench Essential seating pad.  Even though it was created for the bleachers; my kids have already used it on their dugout bench for their teammates to sit on too.  We also placed it on the grass to sit on when we didn’t want to sit on the bleachers.  My derriere is much happier now! It’s so lightweight and convenient to use that my kids don’t complain about packing it up and carrying it for their mama. Mommies and Daddies who spend a lot of time on the bleachers for their kiddies sports games and practices should consider getting a Bench Essential seating pad. Your derriere will thank me for the recommendation.  Or you may not need it but know someone who will benefit from it, gift them with a Bench Essential seating pad for Christmas. Their derriere will thank you for the wonderful consideration.

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  1. ashley irvine
    ashley irvine December 6, 2016 at 3:26 pm #

    This is so cool! LOVE that it is machine washable and I bet you could even fold a blanket inside it to use at the game as well! Thanks for posting and a great idea to give it as a present to someone.

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