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My Newest Life Hack: The MyQ Garage

This post is sponsored, but the opinions are 100% our own.

life hack myq garage door openerHave you ever left the house and within five minutes started to wonder, Did I shut the garage door? This happens to me quite frequently, mainly because I am horrible at remembering to close ours. With kids distracting me, racing out of the house and a million things on my mind, it’s sometimes hard for me to remember to close the garage door.

A friend of mine living in a small multi-unit building with a shared garage said a big issue for them is when the garage sensor gets blocked and the door bounces back up. Residents don’t always notice this as they drive away, and it’s resulted in bikes getting stolen from the garage. 

That’s happened to me, too, so although I did remember to close the garage door, it opened back up without my knowing. Yikes! This lingering worry about the garage door is a frequent occurrence, and one that quite frankly drives me nuts and sometimes even leads me to turn the car back around to go check.  

my q garage door openerSo you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard about the MyQ Garage. This device from Chamberlain allows you to turn your existing garage door opener into a “smart” garage — where you control your garage door from your smartphone. It’s easy to install (well, at least that’s what my husband said!) – it took him all of 10 minutes- and it connects easily to your existing garage door opener. It also syncs with many home security systems and your home wifi, so as long as your phone is connected to a wifi source you can control your garage from anywhere (And if you’re not connected to WiFi, there’s an add on device called the MyQ Home Bridge that can help).

What I love about this product is once you download the app, you can see right there on your phone, no matter where you are, whether your garage door is closed. And if it’s open, you merely tap on the screen and the door closes! From literally anywhere! For safety, the device will beep loudly several times just in case someone is in the garage to alert them that the door will be closing within a few seconds.

You can also set up your app to alert you any time your garage door opens or closes. This gives you the security of knowing if your garage door has opened when you’re not expecting it, and it allows you to keep tabs on things like construction or cleaning crews, and lets you know when your kids have arrived home safely from school.

Another great application for MyQ Garage is it allows you to open your garage door even if you aren’t home! So if you are expecting a delivery, someone picking something up from your home, or have a family or friend coming in to town, you can grant them easy access to your home even when you aren’t there, without handing over house keys or garage codes.

Interested in checking this out? MyQ Garage devices are available online or from Home Depot for just $129.99, which, to me, is a great deal. You just can’t put a price on peace of mind these days. If you have a garage, I strongly urge you to check this out today!

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