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honest answers to a preschool admissions application

Honest Answers to a Preschool Admissions Application 

Based on my preschool admissions research, I’ve learned that there are unofficial tiers of schools, just like in college or law school. Apparently, certain preschools are feeder schools to exclusive private schools, which are, of course, feeder schools for elite universities, which, I imagine, are feeder schools to certain high paying jobs and country clubs. […]

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mom confessions

What Being a Mom in San Francisco Has Taught Me About Myself

Sometimes I can’t believe I survived the first year. I would be walking my daughter and find myself window shopping bars during Happy Hour. Seeing people without kids happily carrying on amongst friends, it dawned on me that a carefree and unattached existence was mine but never fully appreciated. I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like […]

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